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Character: Akame
Age: Late teens? Let's say 19
Canon: Akame ga Kill!
Canon Point: Chapter 50 of the manga

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- Character page on Wiki

Personality: Akame comes from tragedy, and her attempts to deal with this and remain a functional human being have left her as a very strange young lady. The combination of her fear of losing even more than she already has and her enormous sense of personal responsibility and accountability have left her balanced on the razor's edge between total breakdown and total burnout. So far, at least, she has done a pretty good job at keeping her balance, but it's a near thing.

On one hand, Akame's life has been full of hardship and tragedy. She was sold by her parents at a young age, was thrown into a brutal training program for assassins, killed for the empire for several years, and when she finally turned on the Empire she was forced to abandon just about everyone she knew, including the last of her family that still acknowledged her: her sister. She didn't WANT to do that, but her sense of moral outrage at the Empire's actions left her feeling like she had no choice.

Because on the OTHER hand, Akame is simply unable to stand by and let a bad situation continue if she thinks she can fix it. In her eyes, the Empire is so corrupt as to be beyond saving. If she were a bard, she would write songs or plays critiquing the government. If she were a politician, she would start seeking power and influence to change things for the better. But Akame was an assassin. She can cause the most change through killing people, so that is what she decided to do. Through her efforts, the empire will be burned to the ground so that something worthwhile can be born from the ashes.

At first impression, she might initially come off as aloof or cool. Do not let this fool you. Akame is socially awkward at best. She doesn't talk much, not because she doesn't think you are worth talking to, but because she rarely knows what to say. She conceals her feelings because she doesn't want others to worry about her, but she still very much feels them. One is advised to consider her reaction when Sheele died. She barely said anything beyond trying to be quietly encouraging, but when called out on how strong she was being she almost immediately burst into tears, because how COULD you get used to your friends dying without becoming some kind of monster?

She cares greatly about her friends. She's seen a lot of them die, but as was mentioned it never gets any easier dealing with the loss. The hardest part of defecting from the Empire to join the revolution was that she was very close to her colleagues, and cared about them deeply, but none of them were willing to come with her. But because of her insane sense of responsibility, she did it anyway. She turned her back on everyone she ever knew and cut them out of her life. She still cares about them all, and the guilt of abandoning them eats at her, but personal is not the same as important. There's only one she still seeks closure with.

Which brings us to Kurome. Akame's relationship with her sister is complex and kind of fucked up. Akame still loves her as family, but also feels that she's probably going to have to kill her. If she thought she could talk her into joining her, she would, but with all that's gone between them she's confident that is not going to happen. And so part out of a sense of self-punishment for her own personal betrayals, and part out of horror at the thought of someone ELSE doing it, Akame has decided that she herself is going to have to be the one to kill Kurome. She won't ENJOY it, she might not even get a lot of closure out of it. It's just this horrifying inevitable thing, looming in her future that she feels totally unable to get out of or even look away from. There's nothing for it but to charge straight ahead before she has a chance to hesitate.

Reading this, it is easy to get the impression that Akame is some kind of sad princess of angst. This...isn't entirely wrong, but it's not really right either. In day to day interactions, Akame is friendly (if quiet), very blunt and to the point, and tends to miss social cues. For example, she stripped Tatsumi to his underwear in front of the rest of their team to make sure he hadn't been hiding an injury. It was a good idea, as they had lost another new recruit who had hidden a wound out of shame, and died as a result, but doing it in front of everyone was perhaps not the most sensitive way of going about it.

She is always hungry. Before Susanoo took over all of Night Raid's house hold chores himself, Akame did most of the cooking for the team. She herself prefers eating big, steaming piles of meat. She regularly goes on hunting missions to provide a sufficient supply for her appetites. If it weren't for her highly active lifestyle, she'd probably be more than somewhat overweight. As it is, she has the metabolism of a ferret.

I would describe her as asexual. Most of Night Raid engages in endless flirting, but Akame stands apart. She's not aloof of the matter so much as she is largely oblivious to it. When dragged off by a friend to commiserate their single lifestyles, she was vaguely confused. In her mind, they're all one big happy family, and as long as they have each other they have no reason to feel lonely. Familial and platonic love are enough for her.

- Physically extremely fit. Ostensibly she's a normal human, but she does lots of improbable acrobatics, and is able to match Kurome in combat despite not being souped up on combat drugs.
- One Cut Killer: Murasame. A legendary magic sword. It is infused with an endless supply of a deadly poison that is fatal in seconds from even the smallest dose. Just touching the blade is safe, but if it cuts the skin enough to draw blood, no matter how small the cut, any organic being that has a heart will die seconds later. Undead, machines, or living things with no heart are unaffected.
- Bottomless stomach. That girl is hungry. As such, she is also a skilled cook.



First Person Sample: I tagged the testdrive meme. It has both dialog and action and everything, and should cover everything you need for samples. If not let me know and I'll whip up something extra for you.

Third Person Sample:

Questions: Having a sword like Akame's obviously requires a delicate touch, and I won't just have her stabbing people without plotting it out before hand. My plan would be to double check with anyone before getting into a fight, and to be pretty generous in weird tricks of physiology that might give people a resistance to Murasame's poison. Do you have any problems or questions about any of this?


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